Coordinators: Mária Hercz and Csaba Csíkos

The aim of the teacher training program is to provide the human resources to support the application of the project’s outcome. Phase two of the project will see the improvement of specialized teacher training programs developed in phase one. This will be done partly with the implementation of the available syllabus and curriculum and partly with their expansion to new areas with regard to disadvantaged learners catching up. We will train educational assessment consultants, assessment coordinators, and specialists involved in implementing the project (maintaining frameworks, entering items, and item writing). Through the educational principles used in the in-service training program, we will also indirectly promote more effective teaching on the part of educators in disadvantaged regions and the development of all disadvantaged learners. The project outcome will be the training syllabus and projects that aid in sustainability and enhance teachers’ professional knowledge as well as the trained human resources that will ensure the application of project results and cover the entire territory of the country.