Monday 11th Oct. 2010
Basic Principles for Item Development and Analysis
9.00-10.20 Basic Principles I
10.35-12.00 Basic Principles II
13.00-14.20 Quality Control Methods
14.35-16.30 Item Analysis with SPSS with own Data Sets OR Introduction to R
Tuesday 12th Oct 2010
Introduction to R
9.00-10.20 Working Space & Programming Language
10.35-12.00 Plottingin R & Basic Statistical Analyses
13.00-16.30 IRT Modeling Using R Fundamentals of IRT-Models
Wednesday 13th Oct 2010
Fundamentals of Item Response Theory
9.00-10.20 Introduction to Latent Variable Modeling, Unidimensional IRT Models for Binary Data
10.35-12.00 Graded Response Model for Polytomous Data, Introduction to Using R and Mplus for IRT Modeling I
13.00-14.20 Introductionto Using R and Mplus for IRT Modeling II
14.35-16.30 OpenQuestions, Working with own Data Sets
Thursday 14th Oct 2010
Multidimensional IRT (MIRT)
9.00-10.20 Historical Background for MIRT
10.35-12.00 MIRT Models & Applications
13.00-16.30 Introduction to (M)IRT Modeling UsingR and Mplus Fundamentals of IRT-Models
Friday 15th Oct 2010
9.00-14.00 Open Questions, Working with own Data Sets, Feedback