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On the advantages of the eDia system
The students of our partner schools on eDia assessments
The eDia (Electronic Diagnostic Assessment) system is an online assessment tool allowing personalized feedback. All that is needed for its use in the classroom are internet access and a general browser. The eDia system is suitable for:
the assesment of 1st - 6th grade students’ progress several times a year,
the spotting of possible delays in progress in time, providing immediate, objective and comparable feedback on students’ performance in three major fields of literacy (reading, mathematics and science).
Besides the three major fields of literacy, there are possibilities of assessing further areas of skills (e.g.: ICT literacy, visual skills, problem solving and musical skills). Perhaps the most important foundations, on which the success of the project is laid, are our excellent partnerships with Hungarian elementary schools within and beyond the borders of the country. Our partner schools have the opportunity to gain some practice in computer-based assessment, which has been gradually replacing traditional paper-and-pencil assessment methods.
Our partner school headmasters on eDia assessments
„I like eDia tests because they allow quick and personalized assessment and children enjoy them , too.” - Ágnes Kissné Gera, Arany János Elementary School, Szeged
„Doing the test on computer is a unique experience for our students; the varied, interesting and colorful tasks and the fact that they find out the results immediately are motivating for the learners.” - Monika Dózsa, Kodály Zoltán Elementary School, Tatabánya
„The assessments provided great help in getting to know our students better.” - Agócs László, Arany János Általános Iskola, Mezőnagymihály
If you think that our user-friendly, online assessment system would make an efficient contribution to the maintenance and modernization of the quality of the edcational work in your institution as well, join our partner schools with the help of the following link:
„I never tought I would one day enjoy an exam.”
- Zsofi, 4th grader
„Hooray, we’ll play again today!”
- Tomi, 2nd grader
„I just hope the final exam will be like this, too.”
-Évi, 6th grader
„It’s so good that we can watch videos while doing the test!” - Zoli, 5th grader

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