Developing Diagnostic Assessments (2009-2020)

In many countries programs are utilized to develop diagnostic assessment systems that directly support learning and teaching and satisfy the students’ individual needs. Within the framework of the TÁMOP 3.1.9-08/1-2009-0001 (1st phase), the TÁMOP 3.1.9-11/1-2012-0001 (2nd phase), later the EFOP-3.2.15-VEKOP-17-2017-00001 WBS 4 (3rd phase) projects entitled „Developing Diagnostic Assessments” the Center for Research on Learning and Instruction, University of Szeged in the first phase aims to lay the foundation, in the second phase to implement and in the third phase to further develop and spread a system in Hungary that provides such a personalized feedback.

The development extends to all the significant items of the diagnostic system. It involves the development of the standards of the three main fields of literacy (reading, mathematics and science) that academically establish the diagnostic assessments, the actuation of the development in fourteen further fields, the collocation of tests, the configuration of the item bank, the secondary analysis of the results of national and international assessments and the training of teachers and professionals concerned. The main aim of the project is to create an assessment system that evaluates the 1-6 graders’ skills, monitors their individual development and explores the learning difficulties in the first phase on paper-and-pencil base, on an electronic base in the second phase and its dissemination in the third one.

The project is aimed at developing the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of education and is made up of modules (work packages), the execution of which in all the three phases were and are carried out aligned and parallel.