Coordinators: Benő Csapó and Edit Tóth

Public education requires a great deal of funding, which is typically covered out of local, regional, or national budgetary resources and household outlays. Numerous stakeholders, such as entities that maintain schools in their area, the state, parents, and taxpayers, have an interest in the efficient use of funds and in the effectiveness of the education system. One of the indicators of the system’s effectiveness is learners’ knowledge. The aim of the system model developed as part of the project is to support the decision-making of entities that maintain schools locally. The aim of the development of the system model within the framework of the project is to support the decision-making of these entities. For this we look for volunteer contributors, contract with partners whose educational institutions are suitable for involvement in the developmental process (in terms of infrastructure as well as IT support and equipment). An electronic surface which offers user-friendly feedback on assessment results constitutes an essential element of the system model, which enables these entities to understand the results of learners in the institutions that they maintain, to track changes in those results, and to prepare analyses in line with their own goals.