Coordinator: Benő Csapó

Coordinators of the separate domains:
János Steklács
Csaba Csíkos
Erzsébet Korom

Phase one of the Developing Diagnostic Assessment project saw the preparation of frameworks for the three main assessment domains of reading (Csapó and Csépe, 2012), mathematics (Csapó and Szendrei, 2011), and science (Csapó and Szabó, 2012). The theoretical background and the detailed content descriptions were synthesized into the same structure in all three volumes.

In consideration of the rapid development of the research results and the complexity of the work, the frameworks must be updated from time to time. The first step in reinforcing the theoretical and empirical foundation and including the latest research findings is a professional debate over the volumes prepared and the participation of further international experts in the evaluation and analysis of the volumes. Another way the frameworks will be developed is by changing them in line with the needs of the item bank, which is essentially electronically-based. The computerized application creates new conditions compared to the paper-based version. Although the content to be measured shall not be influenced by the medium applied, it raises new validity problems, which shall be taken into account during the description of the specific contents. It is more helpful if the items used as illustration in the new frameworks are adjusted to the electronic medium. The improved frameworks support the teachers’ work in teaching and instructional planning and in assessing learners’ knowledge. They provide a theoretical foundation for the entry of items into the item bank, for regular updates of the item bank, and for assessments administered under Hungary’s legally mandated National Assessment of Basic Competences. They can also be used as curricula for the training of teachers and test writers.