Coordinators: Benő Csapó and Attila Pásztor

Mapping the Devices Suitable for the Compensation of the Developmental Fallbacks Identified in the Diagnostic Assessments

The online diagnostic assessment system, which is to be developed within the framework of the project, provides an opportunity to provide rapid feedback on the state of our learners’ knowledge in the three main domains (mathematics, reading, and science) as well as in further cognitive and affective domains in the first six years of primary education. Within the framework of the work package, developmental applications will be surveyed which can be used to address developmental delays in Years 1-6 in the domains of science, reading, mathematics, and general thinking skills (for example inductive, deductive, and combinational thinking, and problem solving). On the basis of current ideas of education theory, subject-specific content and skills that are to be developed can be determined on the basis of which effective developmental applications can be prepared. As a result of early development, children with learning difficulties can catch up effectively with peers, differences between learners can be reduced, and the out-of-school applicability of knowledge acquired in school can be improved as well. As a result of the project, the models developed will provide an opportunity to link diagnostic assessment and instruction.