Coordinators: Judit Antal, Benő Csapó and Gyöngyvér Molnár

Development of Feedback Systems, Communication with the Partner Schools width=

As options for educational assessment are expanded, the need arises with ever more frequency to compare learners of varied ages and at different stages of development. This requires assessment instruments that can indicate the results of learners at different stages of development on the same scale. However, when assessing learners at greatly different ages and stages of development with the same test, certain items will be too easy for older learners and other items will be too difficult for younger learners. Better instruments can be designed if learners at different stages of development take different tests and if the results are expressed on the same scales based on theories of probability and related options for calculation procedures. A feedback system developed during the project can provide stakeholders with easy-to-understand feedback on the results of diagnostic assessments rapidly and in some cases immediately. It enables the data from the assessments to become incorporated into teachers’ work and to support entities that maintain schools locally in their inspection and decision-making.